ScioCamp 2022

Online science camp from July 12 - July 29.
Created by college students.

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Sierra Vista Science Olympiad students attending ScioCamp at school

23 Live Courses

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Camper competing in the Aerodynamic Paper Airplane challenge

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July 12 - July 29

$40 per course for new students
$25 per course for returning students

This was like a summer treasure for kids, with so much fun and learning activities, thank you all  teachers. Keep up the good work!

- Parent of 5th grader from WWP, New Jersey

It’s was a fantastic engaging experience for my son... It was the best part of his day for last weeks. It was something he was looking forward to vs. playing video games

- Parent of 6th grader from San Ramon, California

"It’s a great activity for summer. It’s intense but my girl loves it and really learned a lot. She also made a lot of friends on her team."

- Parent of 6th grader from Mason, Ohio

Pick up to 5 engaging live courses

Join any time, anywhere. Whether at home or on the go, get to class conveniently.
Class options run from 9 AM to 9 PM ET Monday, Wednesday, Friday... to fit any schedule.

Life Science

  • Anatomy & Physiology (11 AM - 12 PM ET)
  • Bio Process Lab (8-9 PM ET)
  • Conservation Ecology (3-4 PM ET)
  • Disease Detectives (2-3 PM ET)
  • Forestry (6-7 PM ET)
  • Immunology (7-8 PM ET)


  • Chemistry Lab (3-4 PM ET)
  • Criminalistics (7-8 PM ET)


  • Mechanical Engineering (5-6 PM ET)
  • Quantum Physics (11 AM - 12 PM ET)
  • Electricity & Magnetism (12 - 1 PM ET)

Earth Science

  • Dynamic Planet (1 -2 PM ET)
  • Meteorology (8-9 PM ET)
  • Rocks & Minerals (11 AM - 12 PM ET)
  • Solar System (5-6 PM ET)

Math & Computers

  • Competitive Math (4-5 PM ET)
  • Data Science (7-8 PM ET)
  • Artificial Intelligence (10-11 AM ET)
  • Python Programming (9-10 AM ET)
  • Codebusters (1-2 PM ET)
  • Conceptual Calculus (3-4 PM ET)


  • Competitive Research Design (2-3 PM ET)
  • Econometrics (9-10 AM ET)

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