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ScioVirtual is a rapidly growing non-profit initiative that provides a community for students to learn challenging science.

With live mentorship, engaging online courses, dynamic team competitions, and comprehensive guides, ScioVirtual is accessible for all.

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The next opportunity is ScioCamp 2024 this summer from July 8th to July 26th.

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Join a community with students from...

Sierra Vista Middle School (California)

Daniel Wright Junior High School (Illinois)

Fred J. Carnage Middle School (North Carolina)

Jeffrey Trail Middle School (California)

Thomas Grover Middle School (New Jersey)

Burleigh Manor Middle School (Maryland)

Longfellow Middle School (Virginia)

William Mason Middle School (Ohio)

And 48 more teams...

"Thank you to you and your team... Sierra Vista owes a lot of credit to you guys for our absolutely amazing start to the season!!"

- Mr. Evola, Sierra Vista MS Coach

"The courses really inspired kids to focus on topics they study seriously and with great fun. Kids are all fully engaged in the program!! Great staff!!"

- Mrs. Park, Parent of 7th grader

"First off thanks for a very successful ScioVirtual session this year... Our team really enjoyed participating and learnt a great deal! Wonderful initiative."

- Mrs. Ghosh, Coleytown MS Coach

"I feel great about my students being involved in this program since they are doing what they LOVE and doing a good thing by helping battle hunger and supply COVID relief in our community."

- Mrs. Hansen, Mason Science Olympiad Coach

"It’s intense but my girl loves it and really learned a lot. She also made a lot of friends on her team."

- Mrs. Wang, Parent of 7th grader

Sierra Vista Middle School

“Thank you to you and your team... Sierra Vista owes a lot of credit to you guys for our absolutely amazing start to the season!!"
-Mr. Evola, SVMS Coach

Mason High School

“I feel great about my students being involved in ScioVirtual by not only deepening their own knowledge of their events but also inspiring young scientists”
-Mrs. Hansen, Mason Coach

State Food Banks

“I cannot stop being amazed by ScioVirtual. With $20,000 donated, you’re a critical partner.
-Evelyn Chiu, Community Foodbank of New Jersey

Sierra Vista Middle School had over 100 students enroll participating in ScioCamp at school, creating a robust learning network for their students.

The #1 resource for deeper learning


A rare opportunity to directly learn from experienced students


Get a competitive edge through rigorous live classes and resources


Learn in an interactive class of other motivated students


Accessible and affordable for all teams through student volunteers

Instructors from...

Mason Science Olympiad (National 1st)

WWP North Science Olympiad (MIT 1st)

Solon Science Olympiad (4 national titles)

Carmel Science Olympiad (Indiana 1st)

Centennial Science Olympiad (Maryland 1st)

WWP South Science Olympiad (NJ 1st)

TED Ankara Robotics (National 1st)

Livingston Robotics (NJ 1st)

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Meet some ScioVirtual instructors

Michelle Li

Event Captain @ Mason Science Olympiad

“Michelle was organized, motivational, and funny. She has just the right amount of humor while still being disciplined and helpful.”

- S.W., 7th grader from Mason Intermediate

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Raghav Sriram

Officer @ Carmel Science Olympiad

"Raghav is very very funny and that is one of the big reasons I enjoy class. He makes learning extremely awesome."

- A.A., 7th grader from Coleytown Middle School

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Thomas Guzman

Captain @ Sheldon Science Olympiad

“Mr. Thomas is really nice and seems extremely knowledgeable and it feels like we are having a conversation. Not like a lecture.”

- D.P., 8th grader from Sierra Vista Middle School

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Support Covid-19 Relief!

One course (9 hours of class) is only $40, with all profits being donated to our official food bank partners. 100% need based financial aid is offered!

$74,350 donated to food banks so far.

100% financial aid available for low-income students.

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