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Learn to think critically as you apply all facets of STEM to the real world and explore the ins and outs of a crime scene. Gain the opportunity to learn about unique topics like chemical analysis, ballistics, genetics, fingerprint analysis, and more.

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Recommended Knowledge:

A good foundation in basic biology and simple chemical reactions is recommended.


This course is meant for high-achieving students looking to perform well in competitions such as Science Olympiad, AMC, Brain Bee, FIRST Robotics, etc. Level 1 is for students brand-new or fairly unfamiliar with the subject. Students will learn the general facts they need to understand and advance in the subject. Level 2 is fast-paced learning for experienced students. This course builds off of already present knowledge to help students prepare for a competitive setting.


Student to Teacher Ratio

Level 1: 1/13-3/31, Thursday 7-8 PM ET

Level 2: 1/9-3/27, Sunday 12-1 PM ET


Ankita Kundu

Science Olympiad National Medalist

Victoria Li

Science Olympiad National Medalist

Harshit Kolisetty

National Chemistry Olympiad

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