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Arvyn De

WWP North Science Olympiad Captain

Science Olympiad National Medalist

Arvyn De

Arvyn enjoys studying physics and astronomy. In his free time he watches Kurzgesgast videos!

"I think the slides are very well made, the effort shows. Also, he can answer like--ANY questions asked."

Amber Luo

Ward Melville Science Olympiad Captain

RSI Finalist, USABO National Finalist

Amber Luo

Amber enjoys research in biology and chemistry. She is also a K-pop enthusiast.

"They really explain it really well, and give real life like examples, which makes it so much easier to understand!"

Deniz Lapsekili

Captain of TED Ankara Robotics

Two-Times World Robotics Winner and AI Researcher

Deniz Lapsekili

Deniz is currently interested in cyber-security and learning more about plasma dynamics.

"My teacher does a really good job at making sure everyone learns the material and making the material fun to learn. "