ScioVirtual has a simple theory.

Learn from those who already done it.

ScioVirtual is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit run by high school and university students that create STEM learning resources.

Our Story

May 2020
     Just an Idea

When the pandemic hit, members of the WWP North Science Olympiad team were bored, and they wanted to teach local kids science. So, they made a website and told people about the new service - ScioVirtual.

July 2020
     A local camp

The first ScioVirtual camp, ScioCamp, was run, offering 16 classes to hundreds of students - everyone had fun teaching and learning, and it was a successful charity initiative that donated $10,000 to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

September 2020
Year-long classes

As the pandemic still raged on, ScioVirtual began to offer 11-week classes all year round in a multitude of topics.

March 2021
     An education platform

ScioVirtual saw great growth, amounting to over forty school teachers registering their classes, hundreds of instructors, and thousands of students nationwide.

July 2021
ScioCamp 2021

ScioVirtual hosted ScioCamp once again, but with a unique twist: the ScioCamp challenges. Over 350 students competed for scholarship money amounting to $2,000 through interactive team challenges.

November 2021
     A new start

After ScioCamp 2021, the team rebuilt to restructure the entire organization, focusing on quality over quantity. Also, Brian made a mad hard website design.

July 2022    
ScioCamp 2022

ScioVirtual hosted the third annual ScioCamp, building on the success of ScioCamp 2021. The camp was structured like an arcade where students can won points from both classes and team challenges, allowing students to win dope hoodies.

January 2023
     A new start

With most of the team starting college this year or next year, the ScioVirtual team is now focusing on

What Makes Us Unique?

Every student has a goal, whether it be doing well in school, winning a specific competition, or getting into a specific college.

However, most students need guidance in charting out their path towards that goal.

ScioVirtual allows young students to directly learn from older successful students in small classes where they get personalized mentorship in achieving their goals. All instructors are high-achieving students from international medalists to lab researchers.

No other organization provides high quality mentorship from successful students at this scale.

Executive Team

Raelle Tiong

Northwood High

Darby Ko

WW-P South

Emir Naduvil

Solon High

Lina Lin

WW-P South

Anahitaa Malhotra

Belton High School

Tina Xing

Ward Melville HS

Board of Advisors

Sehej Bindra

Biochemistry @ UC Berkeley

Harshit Kolisetty

Biological Chemistry & Data Science @ UC Berkeley

Arvyn De

Biomedical Engineering @ Georgia Tech

Michelle Li

Biology @ Duke University

Josephine Wang

Computation & Cognition @ MIT

Shreyash Singh

Engineering @ Rutgers University

Maxwell Ye

Computer Science @ University of Pennsylvania

Srivant Pothuraju

Math + CS @ Rutgers University

Victoria Li

Chemical Engineering @ UT Austin

Brian Li

Electrical Engineering @ Princeton University

ScioVirtual Schools

Princeton, NJ

Princeton University and WW-P North & South

Newark, NJ

Livingston High School

New Brunswick, NJ

Rutgers University

Hoboken, NJ

Stevens Institute of Technology

New York

Cornell University & Menands School

Long Island, NY

Ward Melville High School, Paul Gelinas, and R.C. Murphy

Cincinnati, OH

Mason High School & The Seven Hills School

Cleveland, OH

Case Western Reserve University, Beachwood, & Solon High School

Columbus, OH

Ohio State University

Detroit, MI

Huron High School & Clague Middle School

Indianapolis, IN

Carmel High School & Clay Middle School

Bay Area, CA

University of California, Berkeley & Monta Vista High School

Los Angeles, CA

Temple City High School & West High School

Irvine, CA

Troy High School & Northwood High School

Houston, TX

Jordan High School & Adams Junior High

San Antonio, TX

Health Careers High School & Clark High School

Dallas, TX

Coppell High School & Texas Academy of Math and Science

Austin, TX

University of Texas, Austin & Belmont High School

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Institute of Technology & Northview High School

Washington, DC

Winston Churchill High School & Poolesville High School

Baltimore, MD

Centennial High School & Burleigh Manor Middle School

Seattle, WA

University of Washington & Timberline High School

Ankara, TR

TED Ankara College