ScioVirtual has a simple theory.

Learn from those who understand you.

ScioVirtual is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit that creates and hosts affordable live STEM courses with thousands of registrants nationwide. With the entire organization being run by committed student volunteers from California to New Jersey, ScioVirtual provides affordable courses that emphasize  unique insight from the experience of these mentors.

Our Story

May 2020
     Just an Idea

When the pandemic hit, members of the WWP North Science Olympiad team were bored, and they wanted to teach local kids science. So, they made a website and told people about the new service - ScioVirtual.

July 2020
     A local camp

The first ScioVirtual camp, ScioCamp, was run, offering 16 classes to hundreds of students - everyone had fun teaching and learning, and it was a successful charity initiative that donated $10,000 to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

September 2020
Year-long classes

As the pandemic still raged on, ScioVirtual began to offer 11-week classes all year round in a multitude of topics.

March 2021
     An education platform

ScioVirtual saw great growth, amounting to over forty school teachers registering their classes, hundreds of instructors, and thousands of students nationwide.

July 2021
ScioCamp 2021

ScioVirtual hosted ScioCamp once again, but with a unique twist: the ScioCamp challenges. Over 350 students competed for scholarship money amounting to $2,000 through interactive team challenges.

November 2021
     A new start

After ScioCamp 2021, the team rebuilt to restructure the entire organization, focusing on improving course quality over quantity. Also, Brian made a mad hard website design.

What Makes Us Unique?

Every student has a goal, whether it be doing well in school, winning a specific competition, or getting into a specific college.

However, most students are left alone and need guidance. The best way to achieve these goals is to learn directly from those who have achieved them.

ScioVirtual allows young students to directly learn from older successful students in small classes where they get personalized mentorship in achieving their goals. All instructors are high-achieving students from internnational medalists to lab researchers.

No other organization provides high quality mentorship from successful students at this scale.

Executive Team

Arvyn De

Executive Director

Harshit Kolisetty

Executive Director

Josephine Wang

Head of Operations

Michelle Li

Head of Resources

Thomas Guzman

Head of Instructors

Brian Li

Head of Design

Maxwell Ye

Head of Technology

Victoria Li

Head of Legal

Sehej Bindra

Managing Director

Course Management

Vy Le

Course Manager

Arunima Jasiwal

Course Manager

Ankita Kundu

Course Manager

ScioVirtual Branches

West Windsor

Abhishek Das and Andrew Van Dusen


William Lee and Kunal Arora


Ria Alurkar, Gabriele Glausaskas, Oshin Samuel, Farhaan Ahmen

Ward Mellville

Amber Luo, Jean Chung, Claire Yang, Caroline Liu


Raghav Sriram and Avinash Valuveri


Arush Sarda and Kenny Ma

San Antonio

Arunima Jasiwal, Vaibhavi Sunkara, and Amy Torres


Vera Li and Julia Chen


Avik Malladi, Varun Ramanathan, and Sahith Mohacharla


Aparadeetya Das and Meghana Ganjam


Jhanvi Ganesh and Yash Jalan

Ankara, Turkey

Deniz Lapsekili

"You guys are AMAZING! PERIOD. Thanks for making the website! I think this encourages people to answer more."

"Ms. Hir, you are one of the most enthusiastic teachers' I've met! Your passion of Chemistry really shines through you're teaching, and if you continued teaching, I would definitely come to your classes. During the Chemistry classes, I learned so much from you, and you made them fun and interactive, with the right amount of questions! This was my favorite course throughout the ScioVirtual camps, and I wanted to let you know that you and you're teaching styles are awesome!"

"It’s a great activity for summer. It’s intense but my girl loves it and really learned a lot. She also made a lot of friends on her team."

- Parent of 6th grader from Mason, Ohio

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