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How to Get a Head Start in Learning Biology


Arunima Jasiwal

ScioVirtual Instructor


Monica Tschang

ScioVirtual Instructor



ScioVirtual Instructor

Hello! Welcome to the whimsical and wonderful world of the science of life. We are the Biology Fundamentals Teachers for the spring semester of ScioVirtual 2022: Monica Tschang and Arunima Jaiswal,.

Our course will explore many different facets of biology, coupled with fun games for you to play along the way! We’ll start small by looking at the molecules necessary for life and then slowly zoom out to learn about cells: their structure, function, along with how they move stuff around (cell transport), and how they chit-chat (cell communication).

Once we’ve covered the building blocks of life, we can ask how biology influences who we are. Have you ever wondered why your eyes are the color they are? Or why you look similar to your parents? You’ll understand the answers to those questions when we go over genetics and hereditary! 

After that, we expand our lens to study biology as a whole, looking at animals and plants for our seventh and ninth classes. We also look at how animals and plants stay alive through processes like cellular respiration and photosynthesis. 

Eventually we’ll trade in our microscopes and look at biology from an ecological perspective and investigate how different organisms interact with each other. We’ll wrap everything up with a review day filled with games! 

Want to get ahead or need some extra help? Feel free to contact any of us through email—we’re happy to answer any questions you have. 



If you enjoy a good YouTube video, feel free to check out Amoeba Sisters, Crash Course, TED-Ed, Bozeman Science, and Kurzgesagt!

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