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Chemical Engineering @ Pennsylvania State University

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"Supportive and Passionate"

Vy is inspired by...

having an impact on the world using STEM. Vy joined ScioVirtual as a Solon Astronomy Instructor in December 2020 where he was the President of Cumberland HS Science Olympiad.

Through his enthusiasm towards spreading joy in astronomy, Vy was promoted as a Camp Challenge coordinator, where he oversaw 20 summer mini-competitions with his co-coordinator Erin. Since then, Vy has also taught exciting courses in Astronomy and Solar System I, promoting him to a selective role of Course Manager, where he oversees the quality and logistics of a few other courses: AMC, IdII, Brain Bee, and Introduction to Physics.


Vy created the "James Webb Telescope Folding Optimization Challenge" for ScioCamp 2021, where 20 teams competed in minimizing the surface area to volume ratio through origami.


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Independent Exploration
Ultimate Guide to Exoplanets
Origins of the Universe

Testimonials for


"My Astronomy teachers are really amazing! They even hosted a game night... I would like to tell them that they are awesome people."

- 6th grader, Irvine, CA

"My counselor is Vy, and he's a great counselor because he demonstrated awesome leadership."

- 8th grader, Plainsboro, NJ

"They make learning Astronomy so easy."

- 7th grader, Cupertino, CA

"Vy...informed, explained, and guided us to the challenge! He helped organize our team and was very supportive."

- 6th grader, El Sobrante, CA