Biochemistry @ UC Berkeley

Biochemistry @ UC Berkeley

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"Most Emo"

Sehej wants to...

create experiences that inspire students to learn. In May 2020, Sehej and Arvyn founded ScioCamp, which then transformed to the nonprofit ScioVirtual with cofounder Josephine. Sehej is the "The Weeknd" of ScioVirtual, serving as the glue guy between all operations of the entire organization.

Outside of ScioVirtual, Sehej was the HS captain of WWP North Science Olympiad, North HOSA, and USABO. Sehej won third place at the US Brain Bee and wrote "Somatosensory Science".


Sehej and his cofounders Arvyn and Josephine are featured on for ScioCamp 2020, their first article.


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Climate Change Evidence
Globe Observer Challenge
Ultimate Guide to Meteorology

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"Sehej. If you're reading this don't tell anyone I think you're the GOAT...not only because he is the camp director but an amazing teacher...Your jokes, humor, love for Ed Sheeran, and your enthusiasm is what made class a fun place to be."

- 6th grader from Irvine, CA

"Sehej...likes emo, after all emo is the best kind of music as it lets you bawl your eyes out cuz it's like sooooo relatable. Other counselors don't have this preference which is why only Sehej should become counselor of the year..."

- 7th grader from West Windsor, NJ

"First off, he's hilarious and really blends in with us emo middle schoolers because of this."

- 7th grader from Livingston, NJ