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Jean is enthusiastic...

about environmental science and helping other students to understand complex science topics. Jean joined ScioVirtual as the first instructor to "Introduction to Earth Science", creating the new corse that progressed into the popular summer "Earth Fundamentals" course taught with Michelle and Rohan.

Jean is extremely experienced in Earth Science, being selected as a camper for USESO and a top ranked medalist in state and national Science Olympiad competitions, representing Ward Melville. Currently, Jean is teaching her third Earth Course in Hydrology with Michelle, a course that filled up almost immediately!


Jean helped create and document ScioCamp Trivia Night where over 200 students solved science problems to determine the victorious team.


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Rocks & Minerals Quiz
Geologic Time
Glaciers, Groundwater

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"I loved how Jean showed us the rocks from her rock collection... that was my favorite class!"

- 6th grader from Irvine, CA

"They make really good slides, and they make learning fun!"

- 6th grader from Mason, OH

"These teachers are great! They're very helpful and understanding, and go at a good pace and give the proper amount of work."

- 7th grader from Irvine, CA