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teaching cryptography. Not only is he decorated with numerous state and national level Science Olympiad medals, but he has taught 77 students cryptography through three classes, teaching with his teammate Gabriele, who is also from Solon Science Olympiad.

Farhaan is the communications director for the successful Solon Science Olympiad branch that has donated nearly $1,000 to the local Emergency Assistance Center through teaching a collective of 24 courses to hundreds of students nationwide.


Solon ScioVirtual donated nearly a thousand dollars to support COVID-19 relief in their local area of Solon, Ohio.


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"My teacher always give us many fun codes to solve and my teachers are very nice and fun."

- 5th grader. West Windsor NJ

"My teachers for Cryptography explain all of the ciphers very nicely, give plenty of resources to practice and help the students whenever they don't get anything. Thanks for putting so much time and effort, it's worth it! :)"

- 6th grader from Irvine, CA

"Thanks for being so supportive..."

- 6th grader from Irvine, CA