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Sound Physics

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Learn the applications of wave physics in musical instruments and sound production. The course will start with an introduction to wave physics including the functions of waves and some calculations which will then be applied to music production. Additional applications of waves in earthquakes as well as astronomy will be discussed as well.

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Recommended Knowledge:

A good foundation in pre-algebra and very basic algebra is recommended. No prior physics knowledge is required.


This course is meant for high-achieving students looking to perform well in competitions such as Science Olympiad, AMC, Brain Bee, FIRST Robotics, etc. Level 1 is for students brand-new or fairly unfamiliar with the subject. Students will learn the general facts they need to understand and advance in the subject. Level 2 is fast-paced learning for experienced students. This course builds off of already present knowledge to help students prepare for a competitive setting.


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Level 1: 1/12-3/30, Wednesday 7-8 PM ET

Level 1: 1/12-3/30, Wednesday 7-8 PM ET


Arvyn De

Biomedical Engineering, Pre-medical @ Georgia Tech

Ishaan Singh

Top 10 National Physics Medalist @ Carmel

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